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Board and Advisors:

Roy & Deb Killian (Founders; Roy- President. Deb - Secretary)

LeaAnna Hughes (Treasurer)

Mechelle Smith
Pastor Daniel & Treasa Sabo
Pastor Bill & Anita Lang


And always our founding partner, Donna Agata, who went to be with the Lord!


The ESM Volunteer Teams:

(Mission Minded Kit Assembly) 



Mechelle Smith (Evening Team
Carolyn Peterson (Morning Team)

Susan Woods (Morning Team)

Assembly Team:

Dewayne Grogan

Mechelle Smith

Heidi Waters

Colleen Knapp

Susan Woods

Carolyn Peterson

Jenny Trock

Kyra Kiele

Cindy Jones


Sewing Team

Feminine Hygiene Kits:

Peggy Johnson 

Cindy Jones

Kyra Kiele

Other Sewing (Knitting & Crocheting)

Leslie Farrow

Sharon Miles

Becky Eller

Vanessa Knox

Maggie Lingerfelt

Threads of Love

And, of course, all of the amazing individuals and businesses supporting us. 


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