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Board and Advisors:

Roy & Deb Killian (Founders; Roy- President. Deb - Secretary)

LeaAnna Hughes (Treasurer)

Mechelle Smith (Production Manager)
Pastor Daniel & Treasa Sabo (Board Members)
Pastors Bill & Anita Lang


And always our founding partner, Donna Agata, who went to be with the Lord!


The ESM Volunteer Teams:



Mechelle Smith (Evening Team
Carolyn Peterson (Morning Team)

Susan Woods (Morning Team)

Heidi Walters (Afternoon Team)

Peggy Johnson (Sewing Team)

Assembly Team:

Dewayne Grogan

Mechelle Smith

Heidi Waters

Colleen Knapp

Susan Woods

Carolyn Peterson

Jenny Trock

Kyra Kiele

Cindy Jones

Jackie Fadick

Sewing Team

Feminine Hygiene Kits:

Peggy Johnson 

Cindy Jones

Kyra Kiele

At Home Volunteers:

Leslie Farrow

Sharon Miles

Becky Eller

Vanessa Knox

Maggie Lingerfelt

Threads of Love

And, of course, all of the amazing individuals and businesses supporting us.




Threads of Love

Mission Regan

Servant Care

Go Send Me Global

Show Mercy Int


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