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Mechelle Smith | Production Team Leader
Smith Family.jpg

Mechelle is a valuable asset to ESM. A former Missionettes Leader to over 40 girls, she brings organization, spirit, energy and innovative ideas to the table. As well as running the production of the entire team, overseeing the midwife and backpacks kit assembly, inventory & shipping schedule, Mechelle also guides the sewing team & along with Alberta and Toby gathers much of the funding needed to produce the feminine kits as well as the baby needs for the mid-wife kits. She prays for each packet that goes out and loves the missionaries as much as Roy & I do. Mechelle spends much of her free time determining the needs of our missionaries and searching out what would best work to support the people groups they serve.

Mechelle is married to her husband Darrell who also assists ESM when he is not working and they have 2 grown children, Casey and Brittney.

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