Rev 22:2 “Then the Angel showed me Water-of-Life River, crystal bright. It flowed from the Throne of God and the Lamb, right down the middle of the street. The Tree of Life was planted on each side of the River, producing twelve kinds of fruit, a ripe fruit each month. The leaves of the Tree are for healing the nations.” (The MSG)


The desire of Eden’s Song is that we display the FRUIT of the Spirit:

Fellowship with our partners

Reach others through discipleship

Unification across the nations

Intercede in prayer

Team up by resource sharing



Eden’s Song is a global ministry impacting missionaries through humanitarian work to provide positive support to those they serve as well as offering resources that embolden them to spread the gospel and disciple nations.


Roy and I started Eden’s Song Ministry in 2006 with a goal to help missionaries with products and services that will assist them in working side by side with those they are serving on the field. Here is our story: Our ministry began with a dream God gave a friend about Roy and I. Immediately, the three of us started working on the idea, received our 501C3 in record time, and waited as God showed us His plan. This is such a team effort!
Roy had a dream where God showed him refurbishing iPods and filling them with worship music, the Bible, and training for missionaries in remote areas of the world. Terry McAlmon got behind us in this and sent us an iPod filled with his music as a seed offering.
Shortly after founding ESM, Roy & I visited a small village in Uganda during a mission trip where we were introduced to a brand new hospital and birthing center. Seeing 1 table with a scale and a container of water birthed in us a passion to come home dedicated to providing Mid-Wife kits for safe and sanitary births. We came home and Anita (a birthing nurse) helped us with our first donations, a missionary Mid-Wife taught me what we needed and St. Joe’s in Lewiston began donating most of the medical supplies we needed.
Visiting our children’s home in Bungoma, we realized the need for School Backpacks filled with essentials. Mechelle began sewing dolls and teddies for little hands after we met a young girl who carried a bag of rocks as her ‘dolly’ while others got behind our vision and started donating.
Alberta, woke up one day with an incredible passion to start a sewing team in order to create Washable Feminine Hygiene Bags. She contacted a team already constructing these kits & they gave her their patterns. (Alberta has passed away, but the ESM Sewing Team thrives under Toby)
We add a Bible or Book of Hope to every kit in order to establish discipleship to the Nations.
Roy progressed to include Laptops, Tablets, and Kindles for our missionaries and after a visit to a Maasai tribe school in Nairobi we recognized the need for Desktop Computer Stations. ESM has now helped to start 12 computer centers around the world. ESM also partners with a few missionaries on Special Projects including building widow’s homes,
fostering an education fund for the Bungoma Children’s Home, feeding prisoners, and supporting microloans in Uganda. We also connect specialized short-term mission teams with overseas projects. Our website is full of resources and training materials. We believe in teaching self-sufficiency therefore many of our resources foster independence through farming, growing fish ponds and safe water. Eden’s Song also strives to encourage missionaries through our training forum and resources that facilitate everything from a desire for missions to raising children on the field.
As our passion increases, so do God’s plans.



Our goal is to become a prototype for supporting missionaries on the field, training other teams around the country to take up the mantle of Serving Those Serving Others.


Eden’s Song is all about partnering with missionaries through products, services, resources, and education. We do that by providing specialized kits, media needs, partnering in projects, offering research and through our on-line learning center. 

If you are a missionary preparing to travel or living overseas, your links are located under MISSIONARY RESOURCES.  There you will find descriptions of all the items and services we have to offer you. Also please check out our TRAINING FORUM where you will be linked to websites delivering training on specific topics such as fundraising, travel, and schooling.

If you are an Eden’s Song partner, the Links under PARTNER RESOURCES will provide you with information on how you can collaborate with Eden’s Song! Working on the mission field from home never looked so good! Some are called to go and some are called to serve from where they are but we are ALL called to disciple nations. There are so many ways to assist in our work. Join one of our growing teams assembling kits, sewing, refurbishing, developing and assisting in building media, fundraising or collecting items for our kits.