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“Rev 22:2 “In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manners of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

Mission Statement: Eden’s Song is a global ministry impacting missionaries through humanitarian work to provide positive support to those they serve as well as offering resources that embolden them to spread the gospel and disciple nations.
Our goal is to become a prototype for supporting missionaries on the field training other teams around the country to take up the mantle of Serving.
Those Serving others pursuing the FRUIT of the Spirit.








with our
Missionaries, Partners,
Donors, and Teams


Others through discipleship

People across
the Nations
by God’s love

For our
Missionary families
& those they

Team UP:
Through resource


Roy and I founded Eden’s Song Ministry in 2006, partnering with missionaries, around the world, to coordinate needed resources to empower those they serve. Our ministry began with a word of encouragement God had a close friend share with Roy and me. Immediately, the three of us started working on the idea, received our 501C3 and waited as God showed us His plan.
First, Roy had a dream where God showed him at a table refurbishing iPods and filling them with worship music, the Bible, and training for missionaries in remote areas of the world. Roy got a book to learn how to do it while Terry McAlmon got behind us, sending an iPod filled with his music as a seed offering. Roy progressed to include Laptops, Tablets, and Kindles and after a visit to a Maasai tribe school in Nairobi we recognized the need for Desktop Computer Stations. ESM has now helped to start numerous computer centers around the world.
Roy and I visited a small village in Uganda during a church mission trip where we were introduced to a brand-new hospital and birthing center. Seeing 1 table with a scale and a thermos of water birthed in us a passion to provide Mid-Wife kits for safe and sanitary births. My friend, Anita, (a Pastor and delivery nurse) helped us gather our first donations, a missionary Mid-Wife taught us what medical supplies we needed and after moving to Lewiston our local hospital began donating many of the needed medical supplies. (We also have partners that sew or crochet baby blankets, booties and hats,
stuffed little dollies and hearts for baby hands!) That year, Roy & I turned our garage into a storage and assembly area; later our friends, Terry and Colleen, donated their basement for us to use and one of the missionary’s dubbed it our Blessing Barn.
While visiting our children’s home in Bungoma, Kenya we realized the need for School Backpacks filled with school and grooming essentials; we add flip flops so every child has a pair of shoes on their feet and a Book of Hope to help them grow spiritually. We met a little girl in Uganda who carried and slept with a bag of rocks everywhere she went. When I asked her to see them, she said it was her doll. I told one of our leaders, Mechelle, and she
immediately began sewing teddies for each kit. Then we met an amazing woodworker who carves thousands of wooden toys for the backpacks; little cars with wheels that turn for the boys and rocking horses for the girls. He also adds necklaces and heart boxes as gifts for our mommas to be. Alberta started a sewing team to make baby blankets for the mid-wife kits and woke up one day with an incredible passion to create Washable Feminine Hygiene Bags. She began to research and found an amazing team already doing constructing these kits and they shared their patterns.


Our Media4Missionaries empowers missionaries and those they serve through technology. We offer Ipods, Laptops, Kindles and Tablets complete with licensed software, quality teachings, conferences, audio Bible, worship music, and more. We also distribute desktop computer stations to orphanages and private schools to assist our missionary’s students in preparing for yearly tests and staying on track with public school. Our customized Mid-Wife Kit provides clinical needs as well as a gift for baby and mom-to-be while our Washable Feminine Hygiene Bag offer young girls the opportunity to continue school with dignity. Age-appropriate backpacks empower orphans and at-risk children with school and grooming supplies, flip flops, Book of Hope and gifts for each child.
Our On-line Resource center networks missionaries with resources, suppliers, blueprints & advanced schooling suited for individual needs and purposes. ESM hosts an evolving Learning Center offering links to classes, training, and conferences to advance spiritual growth. We believe in teaching self-sufficiency therefore many of our resources foster independence through farming, growing fishponds and safe water. ESM also offers partnership on Special Projects including building widow’s homes, fostering an education fund for the Bungoma Children’s Home, feeding prisoners and supporting microloans in Uganda. We also connect specialized short-term mission teams with overseas projects.

As our passion increases, so do God’s plans.

If you are a missionary preparing to travel or living overseas, your links are located under MISSIONARY RESOURCES. There you will find descriptions of all the items and services we have to offer you. Also please check out our TRAINING FORUM where you will be linked to websites delivering training on specific topics such as fundraising, travel, and schooling.
If you are an Eden’s Song partner, the Links under PARTNER RESOURCES will provide you with information on how you can collaborate with Eden’s Song! Working on the mission field from home never looked so good! Some are called to go, and some are called to serve from where they are, but we are ALL called to disciple nations.

Regardless of if you are local or out of town, there are many ways you can offer assistance.

Work from home, join one of our teams or build your own team; there are many ways to assist in our work by assembling kits, sewing, refurbishing, developing and assisting in media, fundraising or collecting items for our kits. Contact Deb at for more information.

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