Welcome to Eden’s Song Partner Base. We appreciate your support whether through financial giving, supplies or prayer! You are touching nations all across the globe with your provision.  On this page we will share the products, services and special projects we offer our over 130 missionaries in 43 countries around the world.

Under ABOUT US click on Volunteer With us to find descriptions for each kit we offer and how you can help with the assembling of them; collecting product, purchase kits through financial donation or fundraise for us. You may also choose to pour into one of the special projects we share for a specified time to assist a ministry for which one of our missionaries carries a burden. 

Under your PARTNER PAGE, you will read about our teams and all they are doing. You are welcome to join us in any capacity you feel led. Join one of our teams developing the kits, sewing for our missionaries, searching out resources, weighing and measuring boxes to ship or so many other ways.

We are touching people all over the globe through those on the field. That is why our mission statement is Serving Those Serving Others. We serve those sacrificing to serve the orphans, widows & prisoners throughout the world.


ESM is blessed with a team of incredible behind-the-scenes volunteers that provide support by collecting supplies & keeping everything organized, assembling kits, packing boxes, shipping goods, sewing dolls, baby blankets and washable feminine hygiene pads, knitting & crocheting hats & booties, fundraising as well as praying for each missionary we support and just plain standing with us.
A huge Thank You to our committed team of experts: Dennis & Carolyn Peterson, Darrell & Mechelle Smith, Tammy Miller, Mattie Bentz, Dwayne & Alberta Grogan, Toby Martin, Kaden Thueson, Nick Jacobson, Heather Bacon, Peggy Johnson, Fran Woods, Susan Woods, Peggy Kazda, Pat Pollard, Nancy Duncan, Leslee Farrow and the many other wonderful people that help us with special projects! We couldn’t do any of the media without Roy Killian. He does it all with brilliance and love.
We also thank all the wonderful local businesses that support the efforts of ESM! We appreciate each one of them:

His Story Christian Gift Stores
Born Again Resale
Spot-on Yogurt
Panda Express
Happy Days
Living Waters Landscape
River Chicks Antiques
Riddle Marine
Hallmark Picture Gallery
and so many others…






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