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Welcome to Eden’s Song Partner Base. We appreciate your support whether through financial giving, supplies, or prayer! You are touching nations all across the globe with your provision.  On this page, we will share the products, services, and special projects we offer our over 130 missionaries in 60 countries around the world.

Our mission statement is 'Serving Those Serving Others' and we are touching people all over the world through those missionaries working and living in the field. 

Click on  Kits and Programs  to find descriptions for each kit we offer collecting items or sponsoring a kit. 

Donate to a special project:

All donations are tax-deductible. 


1. Build a home for a widow. ESM partners with All for His Glory Ministry building homes for the Manna Ministries widows in Kisumu, Kenya. For (up to) $750 you can join us in providing a new home, roof, and outdoor kitchen. Your name will be included in the offering. 

2. Support the high school boys of Bungoma Children’s Home. ESM has worked side-by-side with Pastor Justus and Margaret Ochuro for 15 years. Our ‘children’ are now starting high school and the cost is $800-$1200 per year depending on where the government sends them. Any dollar amount is appreciated and your name will be included in our offering.


ESM is blessed with a team of incredible behind-the-scenes volunteers that provide support by collecting supplies & keeping everything organized, assembling kits, packing boxes, shipping goods, sewing dolls, baby blankets and washable feminine hygiene pads, knitting & crocheting hats and booties, fundraising as well as praying for each missionary we support and just plain standing with us.


ESM is blessed with incredible behind the scenes local and out of town volunteers!! 

You are welcome to join us in any capacity you feel led:

1. Connect with one of our local teams to assemble kits, sew, crochet, or knit. If you are an electronics person contact us to work with Roy on our media offerings. If you are out of town, organize a team where you are!

2. Sew from home making blankets, teddy bears, or drawstring tote bags for our kits- we have patterns! We also need to be crocheted or knitted, hats, and baby blankets. 

3. Collect laptops, flat-screen monitors, Kindles, or school, and grooming supplies for our kits. See our needs list under KITS AND PROGRAMS 

4. Donate monetarily through PayPal on this website or by check. Fundraise for us! 

You can choose to contribute to one of our special projects or to the general fund. 


5. Begin your own ESM team to support your own church and local mission teams. You can use us as a prototype to get started. Roy and Deb will even come to speak to your team or your church to help you begin. 

6. Pray! We are blessed and honored by your prayers. 

Contact Deb for more info at:

Get Involved
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