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Pen Pal Program

Our pen pal program is designed to allow children the opportunity to connect with one another both artistically and through prayer. The children are asked to design a card in multiple forms of media –color crayons, watercolors, ink, or pencil. These artistic postcards typically describe something that they like or want to share about themselves. Their drawings often include scripture and encouraging words. We pray over each card before it is shipped in the power packs or handed out at orphanages.


When able, upon receiving a card, the orphanage and children’s homes write one back. There is nothing sweeter than the excitement and joy that a child has when they receive their “love prayer & picture” in the mail. To know that something traveled halfway across the world is a child’s dream and a small way to be involved in missions.


If you would like to include your Sunday school, classroom or child in this program please contact us.

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