Roy & Deb Killian | Founders
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Roy and Debi carry a dynamic and vast heart for missions and missionaries. Serving those Serving Others is Eden’s Songs mission statement as well as their call and purpose. To this end, Roy & Deb co-founded Eden’s Song Ministry, a 501C3
corporation, in 2006. Eden’s Song emulates the Father’s heart for all missionaries in all countries by empowering the people of every nation through the hands of the missionaries.
Roy and Deb are ordained ministers and certified through the American Association of Christian Counseling. They love traveling to share the culture of missions, teaching, and communicating hope to people around the globe. Armed with a heart of compassion, their goal is to bring joy and life to a world in need, as they share the love of the Father and the destiny He has placed on each of His children.
Roy & Deb shares a personal call to serve in Africa; consequently each year they travel to work side-by-side in the field of their second home. They find great joy ministering to the kids, teaching at Bungoma Bible School, preaching as well as hosting leadership seminars and conferences. When they aren’t traveling, Roy & Deb enjoy their Lewiston, Idaho home where they lead their local team in providing School Backpacks, Midwife Kits, and Feminine Hygiene Bags. Roy also builds Desktop Computer Stations for
schools & children’s homes while refurbishing IPods, Laptops & E-readers for the missionaries.
Deb’s first book, Eden’s Song-One Woman’s Cry, shares her story of overcoming grief after the loss of her late husband, her journey to Africa, and finding new love with Roy & missions. It is available on Amazon as a paperback to journal through personally or with a group and on Kindle. She is currently finishing her second book, “Seasons of My Life”.

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