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Hydrating Humanity is a humanitarian organization whose core mission is to address the water crisis and to see the world’s poorest areas realize lasting transformation at every level; economically, socially, spiritually
​, and in physical health. We believe the most impactful spearhead into these communities is water projects and hygiene education. We are compelled by the love of Christ to end the water crisis by developing projects that will provide safe clean drinking water for people who do not have access to it. Improved water quality and hygiene training empower our vision to eradicate the water-borne disease crisis, save lives, love people, build relationships, and partner with others for lasting sustainability.

Improving the quality of drinking water in schools means that children will be able to attend school regularly. Waterborne disease is the number one reason for missed classes. Having a presence in the schools allows our hygiene curriculum to be taught regularly ensuring that all of the children in this region are reached simultaneously. To change a culture, all we have to do is reach the children. Our long-term plan is to help provide safe water for people of all ages in Kuria, and that begins with improving the water quality in the schools. The vision has never been clearer. You can find even more great information on their website as well!


Pat was born in Eritrea, formerly Ethiopia, Pat has Africa in his blood and is very much at home there connecting with the culture in meaningful ways. Pat successfully trained a capable staff of indigenous workers at a local village level - Water Technicians, Social Workers, and Hygiene Teachers. A former pastor and evangelist at heart his motivation for water projects is contagious, "It is so easy to share the love of Christ with a culture who has just received such an awesome gift." Pat and his wife Grace currently live in Kenya where they have created strategic alliances with government departments and with government officials in the Ministries of Water, Health, Education and Labor in both Kenya and Tanzania. Hydrating Humanity enjoys carte-blanche in our focus areas because of these carefully maintained relationships. Grace loves to teach and spends much of her time training hygiene in schools and shelters. Pat’s mantra: “Providing water wells in developing countries without teaching hygiene is irresponsible. We must do both, no matter how hard it is. No matter how long it takes.”

You can contact Pat by emailing him at 

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