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Travel Resources

GENERAL (Mission trip resource information) (Mission trip resource information) (Expert Tips on travel)  (Judah 1 only serves or flies those who are working with mission organizations that are affiliated with Judah

1.  To qualify for affiliation, each mission organization must be actively involved in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Other criteria include being a church or a registered non-profit organization with a Christian statement of faith.  If your organization is interested in becoming affiliated, please fill out the contact form and a representative will contact you shortly with more information)

Below are a few of the travel agencies our missionaries recommended to us, and we are excited to share them with you.


Contact: Andrew Jernigan
1 205 767 0507
ABOUT US: There’s a need for change in how the insurance experience unfolds for those who travel and encounter the unexpected, the unplanned, or the catastrophic. These trials should be met with support and care. Handled with
empathy and in a language you understand. Made easy by modern tools. Steeped in a spirit of solidarity and
generosity. We’ve come together to bring this transformation about and make it reality so that we may all explore the
world with protection beyond insurance, increased wellbeing, and unparalleled peace of mind.


Contact: +1 888 849 8850
About US: Mission Travel is a full-service Christian-owned & operated missionary travel agency, serving thousands
of inspirational travelers each year. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional value and customer service
experience while saving you time, money and hassle in mission trip planning. available international airfare and travel
for mission groups. We truly exist out of obedience to Jesus’ call in Matthew 28:18-20. We're here to serve
missionaries, churches, mission groups, humanitarian and mission organizations in their Christian stewardship of
money and time - offering the best available international airfare and travel for mission groups. As a full-service travel
agency, we also arrange cruises, vacation packages, honeymoons, tours, all-inclusive resorts & more. Available
international airfare and travel for mission groups. Mission Travel was founded in 2006 by Chris & Alicia Niemeyer.
Their passion for travel, missions and entrepreneurship culminated with the idea of - serve the
international missionary travel needs of those involved in missions.  They are passionate senders and give generously to missions all over the world.

Contact: Leveta Thompson
ABOUT US: The associates at Class Act Consultants have been in the travel industry since 1978.  Until 2001 Class
Act Consultants main focus was the corporate traveler, however after 9/11 God redirected our path to restructure and
make our main focus the traveler taking The Gospel to the world. Class Act Consultants has a heart to save Kingdom
dollars and at the same time still provide an exceptional service to the travelers ministering the gospel.  God has
Blessed us in networking ministry teams and missionaries together.  Often missionaries are tired and need encouragement from the heavy demands of ministry.  Class Act Consultants has assisted in connecting those who
need ministry with those wanting to give ministry. If you are a youth pastor wanting to take young people to the
mission field or a senior adult pastor taking seniors on a mission's trip and need ideas for places to minister, please
feel free to call us as we have dozens of opportunities to offer. It is our great pleasure to work with ministries,
churches and outreach teams all over the world.

Contact: Phil Khamoua

FB: 36K Travel Agency 
Mention “Eden’s Song Ministry” in your email to Phil.  
ABOUT US: We serve those that serve. We provide top-notch customer service from initial consultation all the way
through to post travel. We strive to make the booking process less complex and more simplified. We will always do
our best to provide for your needs when traveling. Booking missionary airfare through our business is easy and
affordable. We have a wide range of deals and discounts available to make your trip as stress-free as possible. Our
experienced team is ready to help you find the best airfare for your mission trip. Whether you're traveling
domestically or internationally, we have the lowest fares available and will work with you to find the perfect flight for
your needs. With our reliable customer service and commitment to finding the best deals, you can trust us to make
your missionary airfare experience as enjoyable as possible.

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