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Growing Tilapia Fish 

Finding a Pond Site and Pond Construction:
You need a water source, usually year-round but not always necessary.
You need soil that will hold water and not allow it to leak out.
1)  Determine the shape of the pond (rectangular works well but pond can be any shape)
-Clear area of all vegetation, roots, grass, etc.
-Determine inflow end (for filling) and outflow end (for draining water and fish harvest) of the pond.

Dig your pond with a sloping bottom, the shallow end sloping down to the deep end where you can later drain out all the water and harvest your fish.


                                    (View from above)

Put sticks across a corner of the shallow end of the large pond. This will hold manure in one place and keep it from going all over the pond. Put the sticks in the shallow end of the pond, the end away from where the water is drained out of the pond. Put manure in only one corner. Pig or duck/chicken manure is the best, cow manure is OK too. You want the pond water to be green in color and the manure will do this for you. If possible, do not put any new water into the pond while the fish are growing. The new water will remove some of the green color. The green color is also food for the fish. It will allow your fish to get big very quickly. If you don’t have manure for the pond, that is OK. You can still grow fish in your pond.

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