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ServantCARE is an evangelical cross-denominational Christian ministry committed to serving missionaries, pastors, and those in ministry. We do not supplant the support provided by mission agencies or ministries, but rather seek to enhance that care by providing additional, as well as supplemental services. Almost every mission agency cares deeply for its personnel, and provides training, encouragement, and support for them. Often, most of the contact comes while they are home. A few receive on-field visits.


We seek to care for the whole person, providing for their unique needs. Ministry families come to us from all areas of the world, some needing quiet rest, some needing healing from wounds of conflict and persecution, others simply needing to be heard, understood and supported in their time of trials. Whatever the needs, we seek to always be instruments of refreshment and restoration.


ServantCARE provides Hospitality Homes (Available as evangelical missionaries travel in the U.S. as we encourage Christians to share their abundance by making housing available for furloughs and sabbaticals.), Regional Care Locations (We offer a safe place to go and caring people to go to for personal ministry with certified and licensed couples at 7 locations around the country.), Retreat Centers (The Dwelling Place, in the quiet little village three blocks off the Mississippi River in Cassville, Wisconsin, is available for retreats of a few days or for lengthy sabbaticals for the Body of Christ. The Resting Place in the quiet little town of Midway, AL is located in Bullock County, where you will find the best hunting in Alabama and just 30 minutes from Lake Eufaula, the Big Bass Capital of the World. Missionaries, pastors, and those in ministry are invited for a REST. These 'homes' are being added daily as we expand to the West Coast now as well), as well as Prayer, Care & Equipping the saints.


For more information and how to book your respite, please visit the website at

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