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Unreached People - Rashaida

Pray for the Unreached People.  "The Rashaida are known as a fierce warrior people group. However, if you show up at their tent uninvited, they will ask you in for a cup of tea and coffee. Their lives are built around Muslim traditions that have lasted for centuries. These traditions include big families, hospitality, praying regularly to Allah, hard work and sacrifice. The men are famous for sword dancing and the women for beadowrk, which can be seen on front of their burqas. 

They are a desert people group of more than 100,000 people. We do not know of one who believes in Jesus as his Savior. 

Pray for Rashaida people today ever time you see a Toyota. The Bedouin Rashaida cherish their Toyotas almost as much as their camels - they are often used for smuggling goods across the desert. Rashaida boys learn to drive them at about 10 years old."

Taken from The LIVE/DEAD Journal (copyright 2012/Dick Borgden)

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