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Today there were tears

This morning I cried. Really cried. I cried for our Nation that I love so much and for the senseless killings, ridiculous rhetoric, manipulation and control over unshared ideology. I cried over the intolerant tolerant; those lying to get their own way at our expense. I cried because after spending 13 years traveling to Africa I see little difference in the way people act towards each other. Tribal. I cried knowing God created us all equal and our country was founded on that premise. I cried as I felt the heartbreak of the Father though He is not swayed.

I thought about the many years ago when I was young and in college. I lived in Albuquerque, a melting pot of race and age and culture. We fought together....against Viet Nam, against socialism, for equality and freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and any other constitutional thing we agreed with. We tore down the University's Park sign and replaced it with a sign naming it Freedom Park. and Yes, we burned our bra's. But we didn't kill each other, burn down buildings or break windows. We didn't call the President names or come against those in office. We respected what the majority voted for.

I know that I can't fix this. There is little one can say, because it will be refuted by louder voices bearing rude and ignorant comments. Those with money will continue to buy people to cause riots and pay off those who will blame it on racism or fascism or words they don't even understand. The government will continue in corruption because money and power are more important than the people. The media will agree and everyone will blame it on the leaders that WE THE PEOPLE voted in. The President who doesn't even take a salary to prove he cares. The cabinet that is taking America back to where we used to be...a proud, strong nation. But we've come so far in dissension and so far from prayer.

But there is One. The only One.

As the tears fell and sobs shook my shoulders I heard His Voice. The Voice that stops all thought, all movement and calls attention to itself. "Remember the Boat"? Yes, Lord, I do. I remember. You silenced the wind and commanded the sea to calm itself while rebuffing your disciples of little faith. There is One who is faithful. It took only that brief moment; that one word from the Savior to cause me to throw off my despair and begin breathing in the truth. I grabbed my sword to stand once again. We fight from the Victory. Straightening my shoulders, drying those tears I began declaring the truth into the atmosphere. Is God's arm not long enough? Oh yes. It certainly is.

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