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This Is Our Why: Midwife Kits

Roy & I got married in January of 2006, began ESM in May of the same year, went on our 1st missions trip together in March of 2007 and were preparing to move to Lewiston, ID as soon as we returned from Africa. It had been a crazy 1st year of marriage but our priority was to seek God’s intention for Eden’s Song so we were excited to be heading out with an awesome group of people to work with a Pastor and his college age ministry in Uganda.

One of the trips we took was to a village called Bombo where we passed out medical supplies, toys for the kids and spent the day working in a clinic. The Doctor was proudly showing us his ‘birthing room’ where they had just received electricity and a ‘new’ bed. We were excited with him but looked around in awe. There was a metal table with a thermos of water, a baby scale and the bed was ripped and torn. When we walked out of there, I told Roy our first project was going to be to supply them with the needed provisions to deliver a baby in a safe and hygienic area.

When Roy & I returned home we began calling our friends in the medical field to round up a resource list of things they should have and collecting them. However, we were moving from Las Vegas to Lewiston in 2 weeks’ time, so we decided to wait until we got settled in our new home, town and jobs. I started work at our church the day after we moved in & met a couple coming in carrying box after box to a storage area. I asked them what they were doing and they said that God had told them to begin collecting medical supplies. They didn’t know why but they were just being obedient. I told them about ESM and our trip and how we wanted to provide this village with medical supplies and they said “well, that must have been why we were doing this”. We took everything to our garage and that began what is now affectionately called the “blessing barn”.

Shortly after that I met a Pastor’s wife on a trip to Oregon who was a mid-wife. She taught us how to use the supplies and make up kits. We packed boxes of the midwife kits and what medical supplies the Bombo Doctor, took it all to the post office, spent every penny of our savings and shipped our very first shipment. 8 years later we ship midwife kits & clinical supplies through many medical teams like Family Circus, Bethel, Global Health, Show Mercy, Medical Teams Intl and ORU as well as individual missionaries reaching many hospitals, clinics and villages all over the world. We make close to 900 midwife kits per year and now add diapers, onesies, booties, hats and other baby goodies as well as a ‘Mama’s Bag” which is a tote bag full of grooming supplies, nail polish, lipstick, bible and a journal to the clinical needs.

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