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There's a Monkey on the Roof

There is a monkey on the roof across from our balcony! Not the kind you play with, the kind you hide from. 15 pounds and full of mischief; so much so they have told us to keep our doors closed. I can hear him chatter and am trying to capture a photo, but he jumps and runs to keep away from my camera. He is a tricky one.

It’s cloudy and cooler today, so though it’s noon I am clad in a sweater, drinking another cup of coffee and watching huge yellow butterflies glide from tree to tree. On my balcony, as usual, I drink in the beauty of HEART lodge, the sounds of Richard trimming the bushes, Grace filling the rooms for the guests arriving this afternoon and smells that fill the air with the preparations for our evening meal. Joash and Ochieng are delivering fresh water to the rooms & the lodge is alive with movement. My oasis. My refuge where I refuel to ready myself to hit the (other part of the) ESM road running when we get home. Roy is live streaming The Giants Will Fall, a Dutch Sheets conference, while I am in my happy place catching up with a bit of paperwork, writing a few blogs and reveling in the presence of God. How I thank and praise Him for this season of life.

I never could have imagined it even just a couple of years ago. This opportunity to work with so many different people across the world who share our same intense love for the ways of the Lord. The believe that we, indeed, have the authority to bring Heaven to earth changing lives and bringing revival. As we traveled, taught and spoke to groups of people in Kenya, we were made to realize that we are not alone in this desire. So many prayers were unleashed, so many hearts left unabashedly open on the altar of God’s promises.

Sometimes, like the monkey jumping out of the way of camera shot, we hedge God’s ‘now’ movement for a place of comfort and safety from the mess of change. God reminds me we are here for Him. We are here to bring His Creation Home. ‘And the things of this world will fade away.’

"We are to live as those who live in the world system but are not absorbed by it, for the world as we know it is quickly passing away." 1Cor 7:31 TPT 

My momentary attention may be caught up by the local sounds and movement, the chatter and joy, the monkey and the sun who is finally filling the sky..but my heart is being caught up by the promises of God for His people. "For the scriptures say, 'as surely as I live, says the Lord, every knee will bend to me and every tongue will confess and give praise to God.'" Romans 14:11

Eternal life, Eternal love and Eternal home for those who give their heart to Christ.

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