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The Rock

The Legend behind Kit Mikayi, which in Luo dialect means "the stone of the first wife" is that long time ago, there was an old man by the Ngeso who was in great love with the stone. Every day when he woke up in the morning, he could walk into the cave inside the stone and stay there the whole day and this could force his wife to bring him breakfast and lunch everyday.  The old man became passionately in love with this stone to the extent that when people asked his wife his whereabouts, she would answer that he has gone to his first wife (Mikayi) hence the stone of the first wife (Kit Mikayi). An explanation of the shape of this unique stone in that the structure represents the Luo cultural polygamous family which had the first wife's hours (Mikayi) built further in between on the right hand side was the second wife's house (Nyachira) while the third wife's house (Reru) was built onthe left hand side of the homestead.

This rock is also seen to have a nuclear family whereby the father (Ngeso) being the middle stone followed by the bulky Mikayi (first wife), then Nyachira (second wife) followed by Reru (third wife) and further in front they have the child which is representing Simba (which is the house for the first born boy in the homestead). From a long time, this stone has been a sacred place for the villagers to worship in times of trouble. (Wikipedia)

A rock sounds like an easy climb. But 40m high takes a bit to get there. Especially for 2 city dwellers in flip flops not used to climbing! Confident I could do anything my 30 year old counterparts could do I set off, arms swinging as I started the ascent. Soon the little path ended and all that was ahead was rock and a few little branches from the bushes around me. Concerned for Roy’s knees, which are not good, and with the hope he would need to turn back I looked behind me. But no, there he was head down and forging ahead. I sighed. I was doomed to hike the distance. One foot before the other, my eyes clinging to the highest rock like a child to her mother I grasped and stretched on. We passed intercessory groups on ledges, praying for Kenya and her people. It gave me strength as their voices filled my senses. I felt arms pulling me, hands pushing me; I was scraped and bruised and laughing hysterically when I finally heard the sweetest of sounds. “We are there”. I straightened, determined to look like it was no big deal and a sight such as I’ve never seen captured me and rendered me silent.

We stood, taking in the beauty, until we could be silent no more. We praised God for His Glory, His creativeness, for His love and worshiped over the land spread out before us.

Isn't that just like our walk with God? Our call, our purpose seems so lofty when He first presents it to us. We cast our eyes to the Kingdom we are from and hold on for dear life. god is always opening up a new level to us and we must stretch, beyond our endurance sometimes. Along the way, we meet those that encourage, pray and invigorate our hearts that we may continue the climb. There are those times we feel them pushing and pulling us so we don't get weary in the well doing. And as we reach each new point we hear the sweetest of words, "We are there". Time for a breath; time for worship ad thanksgiving as we ready ourselves for the scramble up the next set of rocks.

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