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The Garden

We city folk now have a garden. Within our 1/3 acre of land (that is still ridiculously huge to us) apple and peach trees now grace the parameter while berry bushes line the back fence.  We have grape vines, beans, peppers, tomato plants, corn and cucumbers.  Today the blossoms not only embrace the trees but the fragrance fills the air as I walk down our little path.

I’m really impressed.

We made this journey completely out of obedience to a word from God. There were no jobs awaiting us, we bought our new home on-line as we jetted to Uganda and back, sold our house in Vegas days before we left and lived with friends in between. We didn’t have much support; most of our friends thought we were nuts. But we had enough foundation to keep us going. It was a whirlwind of craziness & only when we stop long enough to look back do we wonder at it all. That was 7 years ago.

The first year we moved here someone gave us a starter branch from the peach tree. Roy called one of his new friends who taught us how to transplant it & put a PVC pipe down into the ground to water it deep. We got so excited that we went out and bought strawberry plants, grape vines, all kinds of vegetables, 2 apple and 2 cherry trees to go with it. The cherry trees died the next year after a late freeze. Just like a few of our dreams. But the apple & peach trees are blossoming and bearing a few more fruit each year; the strawberries have taken over the side area, the grapes & other berries are climbing new trellises and our dreams are maturing alongside them.

Life has changed for us. Culture, life-style, our walk with God, our ministry… It’s all brand new today. We came here wide-eyed, not quite sure what to expect but ready for anything; a blushing bride and her adventurous husband. Roy & I barely knew each other, weren’t certain why the Lord had brought us to this new place, but we knew the promise spoken over us and that was enough. Today 2 best friends are forging a global ministry for missionaries, serving in our local church & excitedly encouraging the God-given spiritual gifts in each other. We’ve come a long way. We have a long way to go yet.

There are times in all our lives that the Lord calls us. Deep calls unto Deep and like the deer that panteth at the waterbrook we all hunger and thirst for that clarion moment. I am encouraged by this journey to go in to new situations with eyes wide-open. To not be afraid. To not allow the enemy to set my agenda or fuel my insecurity and fear of whom God called me to be. I will not give my attention or lend my authority to that which has no power & therein undermine the purpose in my life. Bill Johnson says “Hear the word and hold to what He says regardless of circumstances & allow the Holy Spirit to affirm your identity as a child of God. All other temptations will be insignificant and self destroying.”

I am a warrior. I wear the victory like my new farmer Jones overalls as I claim new land for Christ.

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