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That Dim Glass

I looked in the mirror as I passed through the bathroom. I've seen the face that glanced back at me every day for 61 years, but today I didn't recognize who was watching me walk by.  The eyes were still sparkling but they were surrounded by tiny little strokes of a very sharp pencil, the smile embraced by laugh lines and there were crevices I'd never noticed before. It's not that I despise that I'm showing my age; my life is full and I enjoy every day. It's not even that I feel a need to all of the sudden settle in a bit and become my 'age'; I doubt that will ever happen. I know I'm always on the move and I'm good with that. It was just kind of a shock!

I had a friend once that I tried every wrinkle cream known to man with. We stopped short at Botox or surgery. We even went to a gal that gave us some cream that pulled our skin up and we were so happy until we ran out and plop. Down it all came. We had a ball doing it, but in the end we hadn't really changed. On the outside. Where I've found the most important change happens is in my heart. That the renewal of my mind, the love for the Trinity and the gifts they've given me to share with others is the best face lift I can ask for. Allowing myself time to lay before the Lord, dance in the Spirit and/or fall to my knees in prayer is the best rest I can take. They say water is the best thing for your skin. Drink a gob of it a day and it will stay supple. I drink the living water many times during each day to keep my mind hydrated.

I love the ME that God created. I'm not beautiful or perfect or always of good nature. But I am me. And I adore the One who loves me most. I love my husband, my home, my city and my life. Every day I can wake up and sincerely thank the Lord for the blessings He bestows on me. There are greater dreams and desires stored up in my heart. Without a vision people perish and I am not short of hope.

I encourage everyone to seek God for the MORE. Seek God for a bigger dream, a greater vision...what crazy, wonderful thing does he want you to do today? tomorrow? The thing you couldn’t possible do without His help. Then do it! 

I did read tonight that women my age should not wear eyeshadow or eyeliner but I'm not quite sure I'm ready to go that far.....yet. 

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