• Deb Killian

T. Davis Bunn's new Book, The Fragment, ROCKS!

I think I have read every book Davis Bunn has written. I love them all. He is such a descriptive writer that I can see a picture, become the heroine and live the adventure. (Take for example, this narrative, “They approached the cloister just as the sunset laid a golden hand upon the western roof.”) Every once in a while I am touched through Bunn’s book at a spiritual level I didn’t realize could be reached. The Presence, The Turning and The Reluctant Prophet Series to mention a few. The Fragment was another one of these books. There is just a moment when you appreciate your relationship with God the Father, Son and Spirit are the most important things in life. Just a split second of ah ha that takes you to the Throne of God. It’s a subtle takeover. This book, The Fragment, was a page turner from the beginning.

Bunn is excellent at stringing together a group of characters, creating intrigue, pulling in historical facts and creating a can’t-put-it-down story. From a resilient Paris in 1923 recovering from the ravages of WWI and the Spanish Flu to Constantinople via the Orient Express, photographer Muriel Ross and long-time mentor Senator Thomas Bryan head out on a journey to determine the authenticity of a reliquary - the One True Cross. Intermingled with travel, deception, a love interest and an exodus of sorts is a simple story of a dream come to be realized. 

I am glad I read it. 


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