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Living On Purpose

Today, I am wearing a T-Shirt that our dear friend’s from Show Mercy Intl gave to us. It states “Living on Purpose – Be the Difference”.  From the day we met Mike & Lori, 8 or 9 years ago now, I have embraced their mission statement. Live on Purpose. I even titled my to-do list the same so I would remember to prioritize what needed to be done according to God’s plan.

To live on purpose takes on a different meaning almost daily.  Some days my purpose is to run through the administrative to-do list resolving paperwork, email, website, travel and (yes, even) Facebook issues that keep the ministry flowing. Other days involve total attention to our teams or missionaries and their needs. I walk through days of praise and intercession; prayers for friends, family and the two nation’s God has put in our hearts. Once in a great while I even do my nails.

But today Living on Purpose means embracing my immediate family. Sylvester hasn’t been well and I find he is a bit clingier than I’ve known him to be in 36 years. He wants to be held and petted, kissed and loved. I can’t say no. I can’t be too busy. For all these years Sylvester has been there with and for me. The many moves into new homes, jobs and routine changes, Phil’s death and the ensuing years of grief, gaining a new Daddy. Even while Roy and I travel and leave him with babysitters, he sang, chattered and been the ‘home’ we return to. He is simply a joy.

Now we may lose him sooner than later.  I try not to wake up every day wondering if this will be the day that he can’t handle the pain any longer. I sing his normal songs with him and whistle the tunes we’ve perfected over the years; Roy plays with him in a less rowdy way yet still gives the boy the business that they laugh over. But in the back of my mind I grieve. I’ve had the little buddy over ½ my life.

Grief is balanced these days, though.  I’ve lost babies, a sister and a spouse. I know without a moment of doubt that my Papa always brings about the best for us because His grace is so very sufficient & His plans are always exciting. Steadied by the extraordinary love from the incredible man I get to share the rest of my life with, I look forward. And, frankly, I am strengthened with the belief that when I hit Heaven Sylvester will fly up to meet me.

I’ve learned a lot in these 60 odd years of life God has taken me through. Hello’s are usually tempered with good-byes, but good-byes are temporary in Jesus.

So today, I choose to Live on Purpose by doing laundry, mopping floors, vacuuming rugs and cooking our supper all while laughing, singing, joking and making the best of each minute. I choose to let a smile graze my eyes as the breeze blows through my overgrown bushes in the front yard and the sun warms my face. I may even read a book and/or study for the upcoming training in Kenya.

But one thing I will absolutely do…Praise the One who gave me life and that in abundance! My main Purpose in life is to share His goodness with everyone I can. Even though there are always valleys to walk through, we can be assured. Me in Him; Him in Me. Never alone. Always being cared for.

“Nothing is more powerful than His presence. Whatever mountain stands before you is reduced to dust before the One who lives inside you. So, keep your eyes on Him. Continue peering into the unseen. Listen to what He is saying and shout it from every platform He provides. Allow him to shape your perspective and to use you in unlikely ways and in unexpected moments.” (Bob Hazlett – Think like Heaven. 2015)

Living on Purpose – Be the Difference. It’s a powerful way to live.

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