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Today I have pondered on the inevitability of who You are:

It is Inevitable that your love will permeate the coldest heart

It is Inevitable that your promises are Yes and Amen

It is Inevitable that you will keep us safe

It is Inevitable that we will walk the streets paved with gold for eternity

It is Inevitable that you will turn all things to good

It is Inevitable that you will bring the light into a dark world

It is Inevitable that joy will bubble up as I read your word & hope will become my pillar by day

It is Inevitable that if I take those running steps into your arms that I will experience peace & grace; I will send mountains into the sea, possess my land, comfort the mourning and rise on the wings of worship

It is Inevitable that the depth of your love will spill out over everyone I meet bringing with it revival of heart after heart

It is Inevitable that one day I will meet you face to face and the only words tumbling from my lips will be “Thank You”.

It is inevitable that as I honor You, Worship You, Glorify You and walk toward righteousness; as I call Heaven to Earth, healing to the broken of heart and/or body; as I cry out for more wisdom, love, peace and grace; as I dream the dreams you’ve given me with abandonment and faith You will show Yourself faithful!

Today I declare a release of faith over the dreams and visions that we have hidden in the recesses of our hearts. You know the ones…those that we have lost hope in, that we’ve decided to put away until the right time and place or until the right person comes along to help manifest it. Ours are ones of boats running up and down the Nile with medical supplies and bush planes full of rice and school supplies; Ipods and computers for all the missionaries; a home on the cliff with a yellow hummer, children running around our feet and a plane to get to any missionary in Africa quickly.  You have them too. They differ from ours but God has given you desires that cause you to long for that one thing, that place you go to when you are alone and it is quiet.

God showed me a picture of a very, very long and beautiful river with trees shading the banks. Roy & I were standing on a boat at the mouth of the river, longingly looking the length of it, when God’s voice so clearly rose above the sound of the motor saying, “It’s not that there is so far to go as there is so much in front of you. Toss away the boxes you’ve packed your dreams in and declare a resurrection; then place each one in the room with us and let’s talk about them.  Together we will speak life into and over them; there are those waiting to be a part of a miracle, waiting for you to ask, waiting to pray, looking for their own ‘inevitable’."

Today I pray you completely immerse yourself in the privilege and honor of God’s presence where the impossible dreams can be accomplished.

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