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I switched on my phone today

Roy asked me to check the battery in my phone.  As I turned it on for the first time in weeks the customary opening song welcomed me back to the hustle and bustle of city life.  Soon I will re-engage in balancing the ministry with a full-time job, relationships & housework. 

We are preparing to journey back home. 

On our last morning in Kenya I sit on our balcony shivering slightly from the cool morning breeze.  Terry McAlmon fills my senses along with the surrounding sounds & smells of a day getting started.  A small bird, aptly named the regal sunbird, comes to rest close to the rail.  I’ve never seen such beautiful colors.  Metallic blue, green and red shimmer as a sunbeam touches down to warm its little head.  I gaze beyond her feathers to peacefully watch the workers dig out the ground for the new addition to the lodge.  With shovels.  There are no dump trucks or big, loud machinery here.  A few young men pitch the rich red earth into mountains that will eventually be used in the gardens or carried away in wheelbarrows for neighboring gardens.  They sing and share stories as they go.  There is no ‘hurry’ here.  In Africa time is measured with an ‘ish’.  They will be ready to begin building December – ish. 

 It is an incredibly perfect morning.  I am as relaxed as one with my personality can be.  Our work is done except for making 300 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for a village VBS.  I hear the newly- arrived visitors readying themselves for their outreaches today stretching with the contentment of a cat.  I will move slowly.  I will not allow tomorrow to enter in to this moment. I want to take this home with me; these new-found understandings that we are the ones that impress time constrictions on all we do.  I want to take the time to notice the beauty of God’s creation each day.  To daily extend and receive Christ’s love.   To perceive a need, then pause to fill it.  To be thankful for each breath rather than race through life so fast that you just stop to catch it every now and then.

It’s been a fulfilling few weeks.  Roy & I have poured out from the depths of our being and been quenched with the deep love of others in return.  We’ve gotten filthy, laid our heads on hard beds, cried and laughed from some unfathomable place within ourselves, given and received, prayed and been prayed for, embraced the pain of those we cannot help & seen the best and worst of what life has to offer.  All senses on overload; wishing we could stay and continue the work there is to do hereA, yet knowing God is calling us back to another mission field at home. 

I am blessed with this duplicitous life. 

God has assigned us with 2 nations, 2 people and a heart for many missionaries around the world.  He has entrusted us with much & will therefore give us the ability to soldier and steward it well. Though I grieve each leaving, I am learning to also rejoice in each coming home whether here or there.

I have turned on my phone once again.

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