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Crystal Invasion

Pure white mist

covers the valley

obscuring the mountains

from my sight.

Tenderly clinging to rose bushes

and grass-covered yards

homes are blanketed,

desperately send smoke signals

through their chimneys.

Soon it lifts

as if You’ve called it home

leaving behind

crystal remnants of the invasion.

A little like you, Lord.

I love crystal chandeliers, crystal candle holder, crystals hanging from any and everything.  Today, the sun shines through the windows and captures the light and colors of the world that surrounds them.  Prisms of light dance across the room in a playful display of joy… they pulse and radiate life…the red of the rose, the gold of sun, the green of the ivy and maroon of the room I’m sitting in. 

Captivated, I weep at the beauty.  I see You in every color, filling my life with passion and a hunger for more.  More of the One that loves endlessly and fervently.  More of the One that pours grace and mercy at the sound of “I’m sorry”.  More of the One that holds us when we are lonely, tired, lacking courage or bravado.  More of the One that takes every tear and stores it in a bottle. 

You’ve spoken promises over my life.  Promises I’ve packed away to observe at a later date and determine whether I’m ready or not.  They steal around the atmosphere today, peeking out from the crystal invasion, calling out to me, poking at me… tag you’re it.  And I am.  It’s time to say Yes.  It’s time to let go of the insecurities holding me back from running to the doors You stand prepared to open.  I’m ready to experience my defining moment, my strong & courageous season, my such a time as this. 

So I stir, from the carefree radiance of my illuminated world, to your arms.  One final waltz before we go…You and I…caught in the continuum of beauty.  Our Song of Songs.  The music ends.  I curtsy as reality births itself from the reverie.  I take off my dance shoes; tack on my armor and leave.  Through You, all things are possible.  Ready or not, here I go.

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