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African Morning

I pull myself from the revelry of sleep into the cacophony of a bird-song soaked morning.  The gardener waters the plants while whistling a familiar tune, the cooks permeate my little world with the intoxicating aromas of breakfast, the old rooster down the street sounds the alarm of a fresh new day & my husband sweetly snores next to me.  Oh Lord, what have I ever done to deserve these extraordinary moments?  The day looms before me.  I try to tick off the tasks as any ordinary day, but giggle knowing I am so not in charge here. 

Today was planned as a study day for the week ahead, yet the WEEP ladies are coming to set up market for the guests as well as surrounding neighbors and churches.  These beautiful, single Moms, recovering from AIDS have worked long hours to prepare for this day where they will show off their beautiful jewelry, clothes and hand-crafted items making enough to save for the day they will own their homes and businesses.  Their children will run and play around the compound, happy for the frivolity the day will afford them. 

There is excitement in the air; anticipation of visitors who will walk the grounds and stay for a lunch which will include meat. The staff is already setting up the tables & chairs that will house up to 50 visitors shielded from the sun by umbrellas.  The drivers are sprucing up the vehicles that will escort some of the company back and forth.  The grounds are being clipped, the main rooms polished, glasses and silver wiped down so nicely you can see yourself in them.  It reminds me of a time long ago when hospitality held incredible significance – it still does here.

I’m tempted to snuggle down into the quilt against the chill of a Kenyan morning but refuse to miss a moment of what I look forward to all year – my limited time in the land I’ve been called to.  I set my to-do list aside, throw the covers aside, immerse myself in the beauty of sunrise & stretch my hand out to the God whose promise is yes and amen.  This is the day the Lord hath made and I will rejoice & be glad in it.  And again I say rejoice.

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