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A New Day

Well, after taking a couple of months off of blogging I've decided to try this again. 

Roy & I initially set this page up so missionaries could share ideas, suggestions and information with each other, Facebook has created an incredible outlet for that to happen, so we haven't needed this blog. 

However, while deciding what to do, I found I love to write and it gave me that outlet as well so you may get a taste of both!! 

It's also a great way to share the many resources that I find with those of you not on Facebook!! So, now I am going to take a bit of time to redesign and in the meantime share some of the great thing I come across willy-nilly. 

You can help, by posting your own 'finds' that may help short or long term missionaries - especially great if you are a missionary and by default have tried such 'finds'. 

Here are a few links I'm adding to our Resource page on the website. ~This website provides a plethora of information on resources (in many different languages).  The resources are listed in alphabetical order by topic. ~Life impact offers hosted Oases of rest and renewal for International Workers, Pastors, and other Christian leaders. Here is the link to the Oases of Rest:

If you have never visited our website the link is

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