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Empowering missionaries through technology, ESM provides opportunities through Computer Stations and Centers, Kindle E-Readers, Kindle Fires & Tablets, iPods, and Laptops. 

We require a 4-6 week lead time on the ship date.  We also ask whom they are going to be given to, how many you will need & pictures of you handing them out.  This will help us decide what quality teachings, books & movies to put on the iPods, Kindles, and Laptops while the pictures fill our donors (and us) with joy!

Finally, we need the ship date, the address to ship to, and the name of the missionary/ministry/team taking them. 

Roy also offers life-time repair or replacement on all media. 


Our iPods are 60-80 gigs of quality teachings, worship music, audio books and, of course, the Bible. They come with a speaker system for Children Homes, group settings or rooms; a personal speaker/earbuds for personal use.  They also sport a sweet cover or waterproof otter as a special request.

computer center.jpg
Computer Center

We provide Dell business desktops, flat screen monitors, keyboard, mouse and pad all packed to fit in a suitcase and weighing under 42 pounds. Each computer is complete with licensed software & if for children in orphanages or private schools, we also add educational games for them to practice on and assist the students in preparing for yearly tests and staying on track with public schools. 


So many missionaries have shared with us the hardships of taking books overseas with them or even getting new ones shipped to them. We now offer Kindles and Fires complete with a starter library for traveling missionaries, missionaries, their leaders, or Pastors living overseas. 

They come with a cover.


E-readers with covers are provided to missionaries complete with a starter set of books.

If you are visiting a missionary or are one yourself, please email us with your request. 
We only ship within the US, so if you are an overseas missionary, please provide a US address of a missionary getting ready to visit you or sending a package over. 

Image by Kari Shea

ESM offers 14-15” laptops for missionaries, Pastors and their leaders. We also provide Netbooks for easy travel or more rugged areas. All come with licensed software, movies, books, conferences, and a new carry case. If our laptops are not brand new, all laptops are refurbished with new hard drives, keyboards, screens or anything else needed to make it look and run perfectly perfect.

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