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Christian Healthcare Plans

You will definitely want to check each of these out (and maybe others) before you choose the one that works best for your family. These 3 are the ones we personally know people use and would recommend.
Established in 1993 under Christian Care Ministry, Medi-Share is a 501(c)(3) that is trusted by almost half a million Americans to take care of their health care needs.
Instead of meeting a deductible and paying monthly premiums to a corporate institution, Medi-Share members meet an Annual Household Portion and pay a Monthly Share. Eligible Medical Bills are shared by members who also encourage and pray for one another. Medi-Share works on behalf of members to negotiate discounts and facilitate direct payment to providers.
Each month, voluntary contributions from Share HealthCare members are matched with medical expenses submitted by your fellow members via our secure online portal. Your monthly contribution goes into your FDIC-insured individualized bank account and is then distributed to help others in need receive the healthcare that is right for them. By living clean, healthy, and active lifestyles; avoiding unhealthy habits, refraining from
dangerous activities, and choosing only necessary medical procedures, our members enjoy the healthcare that is right for you and your family.
Samaritan Ministries is a Biblical solution to health care. It is not insurance. We deliver authentic, compassionate, and personal service in the name of Christ to enable and inspire members to provide for one another’s medical needs through prayer, encouragement, and financial support. A hands-on approach to health care. Choose
your doctor, submit your bills, and fellow members will be directed to send financial gifts and pray.

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