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Female Hygiene Packs

Feminine Hygiene Packs: Not having sanitary supplies can mean girls go days missing school, staying hidden and using leaves, mattress stuffing, newspaper, corn husks, rocks or anything they can find and still miss up to 2 months of education and opportunity every year. This issue is surprising given our social and economic growth, but washable feminine hygiene pads are instrumental to social change for women all over the world. We credit for the pattern and thank our incredible team of local women who lovingly and prayerfully sew each piece.


  • 8 absorbent tri-fold pads-Soft flannel liners are super absorbent when folded in three and can be layered for extra coverage. Unfolded they are square so they dry fast and wash with very little water, AND girls can dry them without risking taboos.


  • 2 Moisture barrier shields-These hold liners comfortably in place while stopping leaks; pre-loaded with a one-liner in one shield and 2 in the other to show she can adjust to her flow needs. Shields are leak-proof because of moisture-proof lining called PUL.

  • 2 pair of Panties

  • 1 washcloth

  • 1 plastic zip lock bag for the soiled item

  • 1 drawstring bag to carry to school and how-to-use directions.

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