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Time Flies

April - August. At least they both begin with an A. 4 months without a blog. How do people do this everyday? I love to write. I love sharing my heart. I love sharing my life and Jesus. And yet 4 months go by in a blink of an eye and I haven't penned one word! 

Well, I have really. In my journal, on Facebook, in my mind mostly.  My second books lies quietly on the shelf awaiting publication. God has given me the title, the cover and even a few extra pages...but, life just takes a hold. I know you know what I mean. Wake up, sing while making and drinking the elixir of morning, prepare for the day and then ... the phone rings, the texts come in, FB rears it's ugly head and the next thing I know all tranquility is interrupted and I am on the move. 

The other day, I decided to change my modus operandi. I examined my priorities. That should be easy for me to do. I spent half my life in the corporate world of management & the other half running a non-profit ministry where priorities are imperative. Yet, when it comes to my personal life I truly fall down on the job. So, I chose to change. Yes, it is a choice. I can let the world run me or I can run the world. So Papa God and I sat down and re-examined my days. I actually scheduled in writing into my calendar. In between emails and laundry. In between church and missions. In between teams and Sylvester.  In between sleep and eating. Well, maybe while I munch on chocolate. 

You may ask WHY, which is a perfectly legitimate question. Who cares if I blog. My words aren't earth-shattering or necessarily life transforming.  Maybe no one really even reads them. So why? Just. For. Me. Because it's what brings me back down to reality. I veg out when I write. I take deep breaths and smile at the end of it. I've expelled something that has been festering inside me, working it's way to the top needing release. It's my way of coming down. 

We all have that 'thing' that brings a sense of peace to a chaotic world. Now before I get lectured...I pray. I intercede for nations. I read the Word. I love that most and before anything else. The Word of God is life to me. 

Even God rested. He knows how crazy the world can get and wants us to step away from the ravages of life for a moment. Step into His arms of refuge and shake out the cobwebs so we are strong and mighty for battle. Writing is my release. Find yours. Prioritize it, spend some time in it and smile at the end of it.

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