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Are you willing to lay down your life for the kingdom? Is God calling you to leave home, comfort, security and return with new definitions of all these things? Are you ready to see weakness become strength because of the gospel? Jesus says to GO!

For those who are exploring and clarifying their call to missions, Eden’s Song promotes 4 opportunities for you. Whether you choose to intern for 2 weeks, 3 months or 1 year your internship will promise you:

-  apply and share the gospel cross culturally
-  gain mission experience by working side by side with experienced missionaries, Pastor’s and teachers
-  grow spiritually while sharing in opportunities to meet people, travel and participate in a type of work that you might not otherwise get.
-  Interact with and learn from new cultures
- Explore your gifts in ministering across the ocean
- Raise a prayer and financial support team

Missionary interns can provide invaluable assistance in diverse areas and although there are many other ministries going on in the areas you will be staying, all interns are expected to limit their service to the work and activities provided by the ministry to which they have committed.


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