EDEN’S SONG fosters the importance of education. All the projects we promote create a pathway for education whether it is our educational fund to send kids to high school, the washable feminine hygiene kits that give young ladies the ability to stay in school the whole month, building widows home to provide stable homes for the children keeping them in school or buying breeding goats to offer finances to further their schooling. Our computer stations give them the ability to learn the technology that is provided in public schools and expand their horizons through the educational games we add to them. The Kindles & iPods keep them reading a vast array of books and focused on God.  We also love the ability to sponsor children’s home that are offering a safe and secure environment for young children to grow up in. We work closely with 3 of them in Africa which are mentioned under the SPONSORSHIP TAB.



Under KITS AND PROGRAMS read about the material items we ship through our missionaries. School Backpacks, Mid-Wife and Washable Feminine Hygiene Kits.  We also ship medical supplies donated from local hospitals and clinics.



Under MEDIA FOR MISSIONS find the technology we ship including the Laptops, Tablets, Ipods, Readers and Computer Stations.



Under MISSIONS MINDED meet our team members that spend hours a month assembling kits, organizing medical supplies and sewing.


Under OPERATION CONNECTION you can keep up with our travels, internship prospects and team needs.

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