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Our goal is to establish an on-line resource center for field missionaries around the globe.  We are in constant process of researching diverse information to assist our missionaries find the supplies they need. As we find trusted and affordable resources they will be posted.  Our blog is attached to this page for a specific reason; so missionaries can share their finds, ideas, suggestions and prayer needs with each other unifying the body of Christ on the field.


Below you will find links to our growing list of resource information:


Suggestion for Bible donation contacts: contact-us contact-us/ is an especially good recourse for uncommon translations.


WOMEN:  Please join Pastor Tony Robinson as she ministers to us through her blog-site The Well-Watered Woman at An amazing teacher as well as global Speaker, Tony also runs her own radio talk show, on-line magazine and consulting business.


To facilitate Training that equips the church in Africa to disciple the nations in the power of the Holy Spirit: we introduce you to Africa's Hope working to train leaders across Africa.


There are many other resources recorded under each sub-ministry: 

  • Health and Home Remedies as well as 'many uses' can be found under Stock-n-Ship.
  • Media options are located under Media4Missionaries
  • Educational projects and sponsorship opportunities can be found under kidsrtreasures2.
  • Gifts for you/for others as well as donation choices are accessible under Treasuresof Eden.
  • Travel, team and internship information is in Operation Connection.


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