Mission Minded

Meet our team that works endlessly to provide the medical supplies and kits for you to take to those you are serving! Though the team itself is vibrant and moves as the Spirit leads, we have leaders that are committed to keeping the kits up to date, age appropriate and fresh!

Dennis & Carolyn Peterson collect all the medical supplies, sort and organize them & make sure they are shipped to the correct teams. Carolyn is also the Director of Fundraising scheduling all our fundraisers, collecting all the items for our yearly auction and getting our name out in the community.

Mechelle Smith is our Production Manager: overseeing the teams as they assemble the kits as well as keeping up the inventory, collecting donations, and scheduling shipments.
Alberta Grogan & Toby Martin not only assist us at the Blessing Barn but also lead, host and guide the sewing team. Alberta is also in charge of the sewing projects & coordinates our local team as well as those in other states.
There are numerous others that come alongside us to sew and make kits, but we couldn’t provide the multitude of monthly kits without our volunteers that come to every team meeting: Dwayne, Kayden, Nick, Tammy, Mattie, Olivia, Heather, Dame, Kayla Peggy, Peggy, Susan, Fran, Wilma and Leslee.

Online Donation

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